11 Content Ideas your audience will Love! and Tips to keep the content flowing

If content is the King then you sure as hell can be the queen of it!


I’ve put together a simple 11 content generation / creation ideas. The idea being that you will use the list to create content for your blog, social networks or other platforms in order for you to entertain, enthuse and build your online community


Remember it’s all about THEM and never about you! Really no one cares what you are doing, if it doesn’t add value to him or her then it’s not worth doing! Bragging or writing newsletters about you just won’t cut it! – Have fun with it!


Answer a question

The best blog post you can write about is the answer to your most frequently asked questions, that way you have a hub to refer people to and you have valuable content for people to read when they are in the buying decision making process.



Tutorials rock, because you are teaching people. People learn, it works they look up to you! They tell a friend about this ‘expert’ online that taught them to do something great and the word spreads!


Case Study

People like to see results and love a good case study that shows how something was achieved and how results were driven.



Lists are very readable and shareable, the content can be consumed easily and points can be skimmed. For example 10 best Quotes about Marketing



Create a vlog about a conference you are attending in your industry this way people will get a taste of your personality and flair.



By giving away tip and knowledge you are helping your community and empowering them!


Book Reviews

If you’ve read a great book that you think will be of great value to your community too, review it and tell people the bits that could help them, even if you give the best information away, at least they will save time by not having to read it themselves it’s an all round winner!


Response to famous blogs

Articles do go viral, especially quirky, funny, inspirational or controversial posts , make most of your blog by writing a public response to something you agree with or don’t agree with.



You may have some great information about your industry and some excellent facts and figures, trouble is most people don’t want to trawl the article for the key points. You could take the key elements of the data and create a funky infographic



If a great quote rings true for you chances are it will with your network, make a quote or a saying look really awesome by adding it to photograph or designing an image to grab attention. PicMokey.com and Canvas.com are great and easy/ free online tools for doing this.


Sketches and Doodles

If you can rub together a quick yet, good sketch, try it and photograph it. Make sure it appeals to your community and post it to your social networks, you may write down a question and post it rather than using an image or digital media to create it.



This is sketchy ground because on one hand your opinion could alienate some of your audience, on the other hand it could be highly praised. If you just go along with what everyone else does you’ll never create compelling content, use your opinion and be controversial. It works to stir emotion in people, prompting a responses.


Tips for keeping the content flowing


Create an editorial calendar, make a note of what you’ll be sharing each week / month.


You may wish to schedule blog posts or tweets (as long as you are ready to engage when the content goes out)


Dream up an image series 1-10 tips post one every week or day., you can post each image on your blog and go into more detail before posting the image and link to your social networks.


Run a survey using survey monkey asking what your audience wants to know, you could offer free content or a goody for completing or run it as a prize draw. When you have the information you can use it to create more content – after all, knowledge is power!


[box]Remember always be brave! Don’t just do what everyone else is doing, make it yours and never rework someone else’s content, always be original! Evoke emotion and cause debate be a thought leader![/box]


Happy Content Creating!


Do you have any ideas to add?