4 Strategies For Getting More Facebook Page Engagement

When you've set up your Facebook page the hard work begins, here is where you'll need to start posting regular, great quality, interesting and of course engaging content on a highly consistent basis literally forever and on Facebook your engagement should be one of your priorities! Not much to do then... Er hmm. ..... Social media is social after all and engaging with people is part of that mix. So how can you make sure you deliver high quality posts on Facebook consistently? It's not rocket science but it can be a learning curve, but remember! The more you do it the better you'll get at creating Facebook posts that deliver fantastic engagement from your fans day after day.

I've put together 4 Strategies For Getting More Facebook Page Engagement for you to use as a quick basic 'rule of thumb' guide.. but like I said, it's not rocket science.

It's all about them (your audience)

What is your tone on your facebook page? Playful, funny, serious or dark? The answer is in your audience! Keep this at the front of your mind because your audience is who you are trying to engage.

The best way to work out who your ideal customer is, is to write down who you think they are. Are they teens or OAP's? A mother? Boys or girls? Do they work in professional industries or are they creative. What inspires your customer? What makes them tick, jot it down, give each target customer a name and then when you next post on Facebook imagine you are talking to that person. This will help you get your tone right.

You won't please everyone and that's why it' important to focus on keeping your target customer engaged instead of the masses.


Keep it Interesting 

This one is very obvious. But so many people just aren't interesting! There are a lot of people to compete with now on Facebook! Try and think of ways to put out your message but say it in a different way to everyone else, be a little controversial or use an exciting title to try and reel in some engagement. I always like to see what everyone else is doing and do the opposite! That works for me!


Obviously! If you ask a question this allows you to get feedback from your audience! This is engagement. Ask questions that offer the chance for your audience to give advice or opinion, people love that because they get to show off their knowledge to a wider audience. BOOM!

Be topical

Go off course a little but keep in mind that your audience came here for a reason, keep them there for that reason. The content you provide should be on topic so think of Interesting, Engaging content that is in your area of interest which your audience can also get involved in.

Thats it! It may seem a little daunting at first and you may go some time with not even so much as a post 'like' but if you stick at it and test, see what works, test some more, soon enough with hard work and creativity you'll soon get the hang of it!

PS: I've created some readymade positive quote Facebook Posts with a guide on how to add your own branding to them, this type of visual content can help you get more engagement.