4 Tips for Small Business LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is most definitely the place to go when looking for a job, for recruiters and to connect with past and current colleagues. But this is not the only way to use LinkedIn, in fact linkedIn is a powerful and professional social networking platform for small businesses to connect with new audiences and share industry related information with their piers. The type of users on LinkedIn are generally professional and discreet whereas in generalĀ other social networking sites likes Facebook and Instagram are bit moreĀ in your face and you may find businesses are quiteĀ promotional in comparison on these networks to LinkedIn. So with that in mind, how can you get started using LinkedIn to market your business and why should your message be spokenĀ in a slightly different way? Here's my 4 top tips to get you started marketing your small business on LinkedIn:

1. No Hard Selling

Stay away from a hard sell techniques and use social selling techniques instead try and focus on content marketing, by this I mean, create greatĀ thought leadership articles or penĀ helpful information which solves a problem for your reader so itĀ comes across as natural and more editorial focused than sales copy. This will in turn leave people looking up to you as an expert or the 'go to' in your industry.

2. Network!

It's very possible to network and to build relationships on LinkedIn - as a business. When you make a connection, consider their importance to you as customer, partner or supplier and build a relationship from there. Try and treat each connection as an individual and not just a fan or a number.

3.Ā Build Relationships

ThisĀ Small Business LinkedIn MarketingĀ tip is really important! Because even though linkedIn is a more professional social network, it's still a social network and buildingĀ those relationships in integral.Ā LinkedIn is quiteĀ numbers driven Ā - The more connections you have, the moreĀ the chance your account will be seenĀ by other group members and prospective leads or partners. However just making new connections isn't enough, make it part of your strategy to reach out to these people on an individual basis and gain your prospects trust.

4. Company Page

Have you created aĀ LinkedIn CompanyĀ page? If not, then it is time to set it up and start making it interesting.Ā Having a page but not maintaining it couldĀ turn off potential customers. Create your page and complete it fully. Once it's done make sureĀ you postĀ current information on a continuous basis (perhaps use a content calendar?) ensure your pageĀ meetsĀ with the rest of your online/brand assets such as website and other social media pages.

Some companies or individuals check if companies have a LinkedIn company page first before they even look at your website, so not having it set up properly and regularly updated could lose you valuable business.

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