5 Tips for Growing Your Periscope Following

Periscope is a supercharged way of using social media, because it's live and feedback with your audience is live, it's the perfect tool for building targeted connections and boosting brand awareness for you or your business. But if you are just starting out, chances are that you want more people to watch your periscope streams so it doesn't feel like you are 'talking to your phone'. If you don't have a following yet, it doesn't matter, it is entirely possible to grow your followers quickly on Periscope. Heres how: Correctly Title your broadcasts

Titles are important, not only are they your first impression but they help your potential viewers decide if your broadcast is something they want to watch. Make your title sound appealing and interesting. Use hashtags as these are searchable via twitter too. Emoji's are a great way to make your periscopes stand out. Also ensure your title isn't too long or people won't be able to share it via twitter without shortening which can be irksome.


Be Authentic and Relevant

Reading from a script or anything engineered will look forced on Periscope. The point is to show people your world, to show the real stuff happening now to share information and make new relationships - it's a 2 way conversation on Periscope as people are able to respond to you instantly - so scripting a show could really turn people off you as it leaves less room for interaction. Leave your scripted shows for YouTube.

(Newbie tip: If you need to you can do a private scope with someone you know before you do your first scope to the world, this will help you understand how it works and may boost your confidence for your first public scope)

Keep your broadcast content relevant, although you don't want to script your shows it's always worth having a structure, perhaps note down 3 important points you want to get across that are relevant to your target audience and ensure you get those points out during the broadcast, understand that people will be asking you questions throughout your whole show and tapping the screen to give you hearts, it's really important that you acknowledge people and thank them for participating in your scope.


Be Interactive and social

Viewer comments appear on the screen for all to see. Always try to respond to comments and questions. Ask your audience questions as well and make then feel part of your community rather than just an audience watching you. make your shows about them and giving them great information and access to your knowledge. Your audience will be giving you hearts if they like what you are saying, the point here is that they are feeding back to you that they are enjoying your scope and this should encourage you to keep going but always thank your audience to taking the time to give you hearts - They are like giving you lots of likes on social media. The more hearts you have the better chance you have of appearing in searches.

Share and Promote Your Broadcasts

Before you go live with your Broadcast you can choose to share it to Twitter as well so that when you do go live a tweet goes out, this ensures that your existing follower base on Twitter see you on Periscope, thus pulling them onto the platform to watch and follow you or to find and follow you.

Another great way to get more people to follow you is to create some nice visual graphics with Canva letting people know you are on Periscope and what your username is. You can even create images to let people know what time you will be scoping.

Show up to Other Peoples Broadcasts

Social media is about being social and not promotional and it's not all about you! So remember to get on other peoples scopes and support them too, interact, follow relevant people. Network, ask questions and share their broadcasts too, chances are if you share their scopes they'll share yours, opening you up a larger audience of potential followers. This shows you are also supportive and collaborative and people will be more likely to follow you if they know you may show up and talk to them elsewhere too.

Repurpose your scopes

Make sure you share your broadcasts when you have finished. They are on Periscope for 24 hours but you can save them with Katch.me and embed on your blog or website. This could help further people outside of your network fall across your content and follow you on Periscope. Also (for obvious reasons) include your periscope link on your emails and your username in your Twitter profile.