Blogging - Where to start? What Can I Write?

Do you have a blog but find you can't think of content to write? Or perhaps you don’t have a blog… You want one but… You don’t know what to write! You have a blog / you don’t have a blog but it doesn’t matter anyway because you just don't have any ideas on what to write!

Does this Sound familiar?

As a small business, having the time and resources to write blogs can be daunting. Blogging can be hugely valuable to your website and to growing your audience. So I've put together a few ideas for you which may help to get your creative writing juices flowing! And remember, blogs don't need to be long or include certain keywords - simply go to your computer and start writing about your expertise.


Answer a frequently asked question First start by thinking about what questions your customer normally asks you about your service or product.

For example: you are a lawyer – people always ask.. Do I need to send a contract when I get a new client?

You have a question to answer, so you have a blog post, Try a sensational title to get people to read it!

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‘Why your business could be sued if all if you don’t have a contract in place when you take on a new client!”

As long as the content reflects the title and answers a question that your target audience are looking for then it works.

Do you know why it's so easy for you to write this? Because this is your specialty! You know the answers to these questions – One would hope you do!


Educate Think about what you do on a day to day basis and what the benefits are of what you do – for example: you are a professional photographer people always say that there’s no point in paying for a professional photographer because they can use their iphone to take the images.

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To you this is shocking! Because you know the benefits of using a professional with professional equipment for corporate images and the results are far superior to using an iphone but they don’t! – so You must educate!

My blog post suggestion for you is:

DIY wedding photography disasters!


Why DIY photos can ruin your brand!

There, 2 pretty sensational blog titles! The first one is tougher because you will need to do some research. But I am sure you’ll be able to find some horror stories online and compile them into a list! The second is so easy for you because you have to explain this to people all of the time!

Set the record straight 

And finally you may have competitors who are giving out the wrong information constantly! You can’t tell potential clients or your circles because it’s unprofessional to talk about the inconsistencies of competitors! Plus why waste your valuable pitching time talking about someone else?

Set the record straight with a blog! Scenario: You are a nutritionist: Your competitors are always saying you should eat grains and nuts for protein but you know that grains and nuts aren’t really a natural part of a human diet! You believe that red meat and fish are the best foods to boost protein levels!

Write about it! - Why nuts and grains can ruin your health / make you fat!


forget everything you know about healthy eating! You are wrong! 


Why meat based protein is the best thing you can eat to make you lose weight!

Easy – myths dispersed – questions answered and everyone comes off educated, you become the expert!

I’d love to see what you wrote about! Feel free to show your blog off by posting below!