Simple Strategies To Build Your Authority on Social Media

Are you looking to build your authority on Social Media? In case you didn't know by now Social Media is a really powerful marketing platform that when used properly can help you reach an unlimited number of potential customers with very little monetary investment.

Although social media may be very powerful it will only be great for you if you have a great strategy in place. If you haven't already established yourself as a credible authority then you may find everything you do is pretty much ignored! If you want to improve the effectiveness of social media then becoming a credible authority within your field should be one of your top goals!

I've put together a list of simple strategies that will help you to build your authority on Social Media:

  Blog / Podcast

Start a blog or a podcast and write, record as much excellent information as possible. Give all of your pearls of wisdom away by creating top tips and how to's which help your target audience or solves a problem for your audience. You must then share these posts on social media many times, packaged up with different titles and using hashtags to help others easily find your information easily. - this is called content marketing and is one of the best ways to build trust and authority on social media. If you find it difficult to write then try podcasting, periscoping or even Vlogging and use these same principles.

  Build Your Followers 

I am afraid that if you have a low number of followers on social media sites such as Twitter you will have a pretty difficult time getting masses of people to read your content or look to you as an authority. Follower counts shouldn't matter but when it comes to looking like an authority on social media they do! It's actually seen as key indicator of your influence so building those followers is ever so important! - There are several strategies that work to help you do this.

  Be Yourself

Most people love to see a real human behind a digital and faceless social media account and by being you, you can start conversations as yourself which in turn will help to build trust and of course credibility. It's okay to post up a personal update or fun life image now and again as this can really help you to connect with your fans.

  But be Professional

Having said be yourself  - try not to be unprofessional such as posting drunken statuses or images or tweeting about your love life. People could lose massive respect for you even if you think it's funny, others may find it unprofessional and when respect goes down the toilet so does credibility. Leaving your dreams of world domination in tatters!




Having strong branding with great images and a well written, concise bio will make you look the part.  (here's my guide on writing a great bio for your social profiles)

  Spelling and Grammar

Using bad spelling and grammar does look a bit unprofessional. We all make mistakes but for some people certain errors are unforgivable, make sure you check your posts and spell check if you can before you start scheduling content or publicising your blogs. Does having spelling mistakes make a statement untrue? No! But can it make you look less credible? Yes. - It's sad but true.

  Share Content and Post reguarly

If you leave it ages without sharing content or posting on social media you will look like you aren't present. Key is to create content regularly, share facts from your blog posts and other relevant content. If you feel you can create content but don't have time to be on social media constantly the key is to use a bulk social media scheduling tool like Hootsuite to free up some much needed time.

  Reach Out

The very best way to appeal to other authorities on your subject is to reach out to them on social media! If you network with authorities such as industry newspapers or websites and they retweet your content to a large targeted following this will most definitely help your cause!

  Network and Chat 

Get involved in community groups, join in with twitter chats. Respond to peoples questions you find on social media on your authority topic. By offering help and value you are showing how much expertise you have which is literally a free way of advertising. This strategy is often referred to as social selling.

  Quality and Value

Always post and share content of great quality and post content that gives your followers value. If you wouldn't charge for it don't share it. Share content that serves a purpose or solves a problem your community may have. You may hate me for saying this but you should also..... give it all away for free!


Do you already do any of these? Share your thoughts I always love to hear from you!