How to Create Better Content for Your Periscope Streams

Periscope, although it's been here since March is still so new. In terms of the perfect periscope live stream, there really is no silver bullet. But Periscope is still so new that we can continue to see what works and what doesn't by simply jumping on our smartphone and going live. Having said that we could all benefit from a few pointers when it comes to making our live Periscope content better. In this post i'll give you a few pointers on how to create better content for your Periscope streams. Be Social and Engage!

Don't make the mistake of not engaging with your audience. Periscope is interactive and at it's heart is the ability for the streamer to get instant feedback, reply and engage with viewers. If you ignore your audience it can make your scope feel a bit 'all about you' or seem like you don't care to interact If you just talk and don't interact then you may as well be doing a you tube vlog or pre recorded video. The heart of Periscope is that it's a social network so be social and engage! A simple way to do this is to welcome your viewers when they come into your broadcast, ask questions throughout and answer their questions and thank them for being there.

Be Present

Periscope live broadcast is very different from recorded video in the way that there are people entering live all the way through. This means they won't see your intro at the beginning of your broadcast, meaning they may not know what you are talking about and what you are all about, especially if they have stumbled on your broadcast rather than being a follower. Bear this in mind and make sure you are present at all times, by this I mean understand the people you are talking to and stop for a quick summary every so often.

Be on Topic

When you put the broadcast title into periscope and press 'Start Broadcast' then ideally you should stick to this topic throughout the scope. Again to reinforce the last message, people are coming in all the way through so if you are talking about mindfulness in the workplace for example and new people come in and see you talking about chicken nuggets, they may feel a bit disappointed! Another great reason to stay on topic and share your own expertise is that your followers will get an idea of the type of great quality content they can expect, time and again.

In Summary, if you ensure you are sociable and engage with your audience, you are there in the moment with them rather than just talking at them and you stick to the topics that are in your field of expertise this should lead to a great quality periscope broadcast!

- Let me know how you got on! - I am on periscope @lucyshall and Twitter @lucyshall - feel free to ask any any questions!