How to create better livestream video content for business

Most of us just won't have a great deal of experience with livestream.. just yet! It's been just over a year after all since the live-streaming sites became popular. We are all still learning what works and what doesn't - BUT. If only someone could give you a lift and a few ideas as to how to create better content for your livetream. Just the fundamentals.. It's all new and can be bit daunting to think you'll need to get on camera, let alone know what to do to make your stream look professional. Livestreaming may be new but video is not! Many of you will say to me: But I haven't even made a Vlog or recorded video yet! Well, not to worry - Youtube has been about for years and years and so has recorded video so we do know that the things we've learned from recorded video can be replicated for livestream such as the type of content that gets reach and so on. There are however a few differences and best practices. So let's explore those here and look at how you can create better live content for Facebook Live, Periscope or whatever live streaming network works for you!

Good 4G/ Broadband connection.

With recorded video you don't need to worry about your connection. You record, edit and upload and with livestream this is not the case. You'll need a decent connection for live streaming. Waiting for a decent connection, means your stream will be uninterrupted and will be much clearer and professional (Picture it... You sitting there saying.. Hey guy's: Can you see me.. can you hear me? - Does not look great on the playback! and looks a bit dodgy live too)

Say hi!

Make sure you are greeting your viewers when you are livestreaming, on periscope and facebook live you can see who is entering your livestreams, so say hi and just acknowledge them, this really helps you to build a relationship with your audience and brings conversation into your livestream video - which again is something you can't do in realtime on recorded videos. As soon as you start including people in your content, they become active participants and not just viewers, this is a very fast way to build new connections and relationships.

Create some structure

Try not to just go live with no reason or message. Think about structuring your stream, even if just a little. Ensure there is a point to what you are doing or saying. Start by coming up with a topic idea such as you would with a blog or vlog but ask yourself how you will deliver this and how you will structure it, will you be answering questions at the end? And is there a call to action? It may be that you are simply showing behind the scenes at a venue for your event, just think about why you are doing it and what sort of result or reaction you wish to achieve. Look, live is live, things go wrong or not as planned! So no need for a rigid structure but a little idea of what you want and why you want it will go a long way! - Likewise if you are too structured you may as well record a youtube video.... it's about getting that balance right.


When delivering your live content, it's really important that you remember that not everyone comes in from the start to watch your livestream! Ensure you regularly recap on what you have discussed and ensure you continue to greet new people who join in. It's as simple as saying, hi... We've been discussing (insert topic here) and so far I've said this, and now we are going to talk about that! It's not rocket science but you should be letting your viewers / participants know whats been covered so they don't get confused and leave.

So without much ado... get your phone out and go live.. For more content on livestreaming and social media check out and our new membership website with heaps of video training at