How to Make Social Media Seem Effortless

Don't get me wrong, social media marketing for your awesome business, when done properly can be hard work, depending on your product or service. However using social media for business can be really easy and really (shock horror) enjoyable! Don't believe me? Check out these 5 little hacks for making social media effortless... almost. 1. Be yourself:

When we act in a way that we don't like or that we think we should act it makes us miserable. We can't be everything to everyone anyway without losing a part of ourselves so next time you set about engaging on social media or wondering what to write just think to yourself... What would I write if I was ME. You'll get so much more done just by being yourself and sticking to your own values that it will be effortless!

2. Schedule:

Let's face it social media is supposed to be about being social, and yes I say it over and over - it's social media not promotional media! But we run businesses and do have messages to put out there so get a bunch of messages together and just schedule them, it takes minimal effort and frees you up to ^ be your wonderful self - effortless!

3. Competitors Who?:

Don't obsess over what others are doing, this doesn't just go for in business it also goes for your personal life - stop checking facebook every five minutes at someone else's wonderful life and remember it's probably fake anyway. With social media and business checking out competitors can also be a destructive and time consuming game. 'Why has so and so got more followers? Why do they get so much interaction?' Blah blah blah - Drop this right away  - The reason they do have followers and interaction is because they are just being themselves! In fact they are so busy being their wonderful self that they can't be bothered to waste time checking out competitors. And so for them social media is effortless!

4. Enjoy it:

When we enjoy something we aren't working right? So how can you enjoy doing social media for your own business so it feels like fun? Be really social, meet new people, reach out to people and start getting friendly, join in with twitter chats and talk to people like you would if you were at a business awards dinner, a networking breakfast or just down the pub. I guess it does all come back to being yourself doesn't it? - So if you are enjoying this social media malarky you're not working so that makes it pretty, well... effortless?

5. Aim for the stars(ish):

Having a goal to work towards means you know where you are going and you have a clear road, but that does sound like a lot of effort doesn't it? It doesn't have to be especially if your goal is to simply be you, represent your business like you do anyway in the 'real world'. Or perhaps if you just set mini goals to say what you hope to achieve on a daily basis from your social media and you start achieving these little steps that will feel smashing, won't it? and if you feel great and smashing targets it going to feel like almost no effort at all!

So, you totally awesome business owner - YOU -  there we have it!

Effortless Social Media In a Nutshell: Make social media work for you by just being YOU, automating it a bit, not worrying about competitors, having a great time and setting and smashing some goals!