Getting Started With Facebook Ads

In this post I will give you an overview of Facebook Ads, how they work and a quick guide to get you started. Facebook is HUGE! It's the largest social media site on the planet with over 1.3 billion users. A large proportion (64%) of those users login every single day. So how can you take a advantage of these numbers to gain more exposure for your own business?

Using Facebook Ads is a great place to start!

One of the best reasons to use Facebook Ads is that they are so accessible, they are easy to create and there is so much information out there to help you get it just right. When creating a Facebook Ad you can create specific target audiences by filtering by demographics, interests and geographical location.

Facebook ads types screen grab Facebook Ads create the perfect opportunity for start ups and small businesses to get access to exact audiences very quickly and for very little money.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Types of Facebook Ads:

To start you must have a Facebook business page (this is free to set up if you don't yet have one)

Then you can start to create an ad. If you wish, you can create an ad aimed at generating more likes to your page or to generate more traffic to your website. If you are running an event you can also create an ad to publicise your event page on Facebook.

Facebook ads can be bought per click (CPC) or (CPI) this means that you pay per click through or amount of impressions your ad generates. The amount you pay per click and per thousand impressions depends on the competition in your niche.

There are currently 10 types of advertising categories on Facebook these are:

Facebook Ads Types

To set up your ad, simply go to 

Then follow the very simple instructions. Ads require you to include text, images and a description. You'll get a set number of characters and your image should be of specific size. Make sure your image doesn't have more than 20% text covering the image or your ad will not be approved. Make sure you create a catchy and clickable title to get people to click.

The biggest tip I can give you here is to set a budget and work out what ROI you would need to make it work. For example if you are selling products at £1.99 each and you are paying £1.oo per click this would mean you would probably not be making a profit. However if you are selling product for £100 each then £1 per targeted click would be a great return on investment.

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You can do all kinds of exciting targeting and re targeting campaigns once you have the basics down.

One of the great benefits of Facebook ads marketing is that you get access to a really powerful analytics tool called Page Insights, this gives you an idea how well your ads are performing, what's working and what's not. You'll be able to see how many people see your ads, how many clicks you've received, fan page like growth and more. When you know what's working and what's not you can delve in more and start to create some really fantastic campaigns based on trial and error, until you hit the sweet spot and are continuously getting it right.

I would also recommend you watch the Facebook Video: How Facebook Ads Work

You can also get loads of advice from Facebook themselves at Facebook Business 

Have you started using a Facebook Ads yet? I would love to hear your case studies.

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