Getting Started With Twitter - Checklist

This Twitter checklist is a simple list of actions you can do before you start tweeting. This will also provide guidance on how to progress your twitter account from just broadcasting, i.e just sending out promotional tweets. Don’t waste your valuable time without setting a goal and having a plan! This is not a ‘how to’ post but more of a ‘what you should think about’ before you start to tweet list!

1. SET A GOAL - Why are you using twitter and what do you wish to achieve by using this platform to grow your business?

2. Find your Voice – How do you want to sound / appear to your new audience? Have you already got an offline voice or tone of voice on another network? – Are you, you? or are you a faceless brand?

3.  Design your page – the twitter profile dimensions are on twitter support here (best to get the right sizes or it could look dodgy on a large/small screen)

4. Think about how you are going to connect with your audience this may be by using twitter chats (see my blog on what is a twitter chat) and hashtags or simply involving yourself in conversations.

5. What content will you share? it’s always good to bank a load of great content so you don’t run out, try Picmonkey or canva to make weird and fun images it’s free. You can schedule this content (read my post on automation – some say do, some say don’t!) or just post when you feel like it. Will you also retweet others content or use a content aggregator. (find out why retweeting can be bad if you don’t read it first!)

6. How will you measure the success of your content? – Tools like google analytics, and the twitter analytics tool (which you find here: are excellent way to measure the success of campaigns, hootsuite and sprout social are also very good. I am also digging co-schedule at the moment which is a great content marketing plugin for wordpress.

7. When will you start? – There is no time like the present! when you have steps 1-6 done you could pretty much start but work out how long this campaign will last and how long you need before you feel you will achieve your goal.

Basically set a goal, work out how you might achieve that goal, measure your success and then analyse it! Did your campaign work? What would you add or remove from this list?

There are also more advanced strategies you can adopt which I will post about in a blog to follow.