How to use Periscope - Interview with Expert Mark Shaw

I was lucky enough to interview the very amazing Mark Shaw about how to use periscope. Mark is The UK's ultimate Periscope Expert. We talk about why small businesses should be using Periscope and how they can get the most out of it. Mark has incredible knowledge of social media marketing, customer engagement and has an abundance of creativity! He is so keen to get the message out to small businesses about the benefits of periscope. Mark is an early periscope adopter and does shows daily mainly based around how to use the platform and the latest updates. Mark is huge worldwide! - He's on the Periscope leaderboard with over 2.5 Million hearts (hearts and what people give you a bit like a facebook like to show their love for your show!). He is also being followed by over 1700 people worldwide who eagerly await his broadcasts to gain massive value.

Me: What is Periscope? 

Mark: Periscope is Twitter on steroids!  Everyone now has a broadcast TV station in their pocket but very few understand what that means and everybody and every business has a massive opportunity to reach a huge worldwide audience! Periscope is integrated into twitter so even if you have 1/2 a follower on twitter and you share your show using the correct keywords and hashtags and share your show to Twitter you'll get viewers!

Example: if you started a cooking show on a saturday morning showing people how to make a dish and you add a great descriptive headline and the hashtag #saturdaymorningkitchen which trends on saturday morning because of the televised show, then share to twitter, you'll pick up on those users interested in cooking and already on Twitter.  Because periscope integrates with twitter this gives you the greatest marketing opportunity for your business or show and it's free!

Me: What is the big opportunity for small businesses? 

Mark: Periscope is perfect for small businesses because you can gain huge exposure on a shoestring. You don't need a big budget for this! There is opportunity to create a show, to tell stories, let people know why you do what you do, tell people who are you and what are you doing and share the experience with a huge global audience.

The other opportunity is that it's not time consuming and you are guessing what people want to hear because you can build the show around the fact that it's interactive and people can comment. But to make your show successful it's not easy! You still need to market it! My tips for this are: Use great headlines with hashtags, share on twitter, sell the show, tell people it exists ask people to share it, come up with a schedule and ideas! Don't be lazy! See whats trending and most importantly be consistent, keep showing up. Don't just do 1 show and expect it to be a success, plan show's and let your visitors know what the next show will be about, create teasers.

Me: What can small shops or online stores do to sell products via Periscope, is there an opportunity here?

Mark: The best way to approach it is Selling without selling!  Show your stuff and if people like it they'll buy it, one of the downsides is it lasts 24 hours

Top Tip! Imagine you made a handbag with a special 24 hour price or discount.  You could create a show with a special link which includes the discount which is only available if people watch the show and get the link! By doing exclusive flash sales or limited offers you'll drive website sales and gain more interested followers excited about getting these offers on Periscope meaning they are more likely to tune in!

Did you know?

Video is shown to increase sales by 140 percent!

You have to be creative with your videos! For example a blender company set up a you tube channel on a limited budget called: Will it blend? Each week they'd find something new to blend and record it such as an iPhone an nice candle etc! This is one of the most popular channels ever on you tube! - think outside the box and be creative to see this type of success.

Me: What are the hearts about?

Hearts are for people to show their appreciation for you - a bit like a like on Facebook

There is also a Periscope hearts leaderboard! - The most loved list. As a small business aim to get on the most loved list and you'll get a massive amount of views and followers.

Top tip: All of this takes effort, you need to hustle put in effort. Be committed to it, have a great photo and bio, look open for business, do shows often be interesting or funny join the social network and watch other videos, comment and be social - don't forget to have fun

Me: What do people watching want from Periscope?

Mark: People want 3 things! To be educated, informed and have fun! - this is why people come and watch your show. if you can do all 3 you are on to something! But you must work hard.

Save shows put on you tube - content marketing.

Me: What are your top 3 takeaways about Periscope for a start up or small business to do understand / do right now? 


1 - Periscope is free and available to everyone (android rumoured coming soon and can also watch online)

2. Opportunities  to reach a large and global audience have never been bigger!

3. Get the app!

Check it out now!

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About Mark Shaw

Mark Ejector SeatMark Shaw: 7yrs + Twitter speaker, Trainer, Author, 155+ radio Interviews as a Twitter expert, has been on t.v and is regularly quoted in National & local media for his views & opinions on Twitter best practice.

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