Livestream Topic Ideas - Livestream Challenge

I have listed some livestream topic ideas below for your upcoming streams..... before we get into the good stuff though, you may or may not know that i've created a challenge to get people livestreaming! (The 14 Day Go Livestream Challenge) Including yours truly. Day one was about just jumping in and giving it a go (you can find out more about that one here) but for day 2's challenge I wanted to get people thinking about topics, I asked people taking the challenge to think of 5 topic ideas for the next 5 days of liveteaming (I asked the team to post their ideas here. You can start this challenge at anytime by the way!) Not only that, I wanted to show that no matter how busy and crazy your life is, it's still possible to go live, in this live video I brought my 1 year old baby daughter in. Yes it was challenging but also possible and I think I just about kept my professionalism. ;-)

Livestream topic ideas:

Face to face Q&A - You in front of the camera answering peoples burning questions.

Split screen interview - Live interview with someone else using a tool like

Challenge - Challenge your viewers to do something exciting and then have them report back to you in your stream tomorrow

Hide and seek - Hide products or gifts around your room or premises and ask your viewers to help you find them, winner gets the items.

Quiz Show - I've always wanted to do this, you could also turn it into a tournament.

News and updates - A weekly industry live show where you deliver the latest updates in your industry.

Business Networking Party - Give people that come into the stream and opportunity to promote their business and connect with others.

Answer your most asked question in detail - Because that's what people want to know!

Tell a story

Examine a paper or blog post

Show don't tell - Bake a cake, cook a meal, draw a picture, do a demo, show your dance moves or fitness routine

Here are a few ideas and okay, they aren't topics more like format ideas! To make it easier for yourself and your audience, get a tripod... I love this one by YT Club Tripod by Veena V as it's super flexible and great quality! I used this to clip on the pushchair and made a Babycam! Enjoy!