More than social media...

Thank you for being here. I spent the last 4 years writing about Social Media. Helping small business owners, freelancers and bloggers to get to grips with the latest in social and digital marketing. I love to help and i'm still writing and live interviewing people over at which is the social media event I co-founded with Stuart (the husband). I've switched things up a bit. I want to write about business, marketing and babies (tehe).. I have one and she's too cool. Each week I meet so many amazing authors and business owners and I want to tell you about them too. At the moment Im just taking a photo and adding them to instagram but who knows there might be a podcast in the mix too. Also a 14 day livestream challenge is on the cards and i'm running a free understanding social media workshop in Tonbridge once per month.

Anyway.. enough about me.. tell me about you.

So that's where I am. And so... I archived my instagram and started again. come find me.