5 reasons why you should be using Periscope for business

Haven't you heard? Live streaming is HUGE! In this post I set out 5 reasons why you should be using periscope for business  When you run a business and especially if it's online extending your reach and getting to as many customers as possible should be one of your top priorities! And if it is, then ignoring live streaming platforms such as Periscope and Meerkat could see your business or personal brand missing a trick!

Periscope is an incredible and powerful tool for anyone looking to get out to a large and global audience and has already helped many entrepreneurs to drive traffic, generate leads and reach those all important revenue goals!

If you still think this isn't enough reason to start using Periscope for business then check out these five reasons why Periscope could help you to reach your online business goals.

The market is growing

But it's still not saturated. Periscope recently announced it's first set of figures. On August 2nd, Periscope surpassed 10 million accounts. They launched on March 26, 2015! They are seeing over 40 years worth of video being watched PER DAY! These figures are important! 10 Million is HUGE but not as huge as the hundreds of millions or billions of accounts on other social media accounts so starting and establishing your regular periscope show now means you'll be ahead of the game with your competitors.

Perfect for instant feedback

One of the truly amazing benefits of using Periscope for business is that because it's live and anyone could show up to your broadcast it means that testing products or services quickly on a group of people has never been easier or more instant.

Do you have a new online product or course that you are looking for feedback on? then test it on Periscope and ask for instant feedback. You could get info on the best price points, on audience interest and the best reason to do this is that you are taking your viewers on your journey and they start to have a vested interest in your success, since they had a say in your product creation. Offer these people a discount for your product as a way to say thank you.

It's interactive 

Periscope isn't just about reaching audiences and getting as many people as possible to listen to you! It's all about being engaging and interactive. Because viewers are able to comment on your scopes and press the screen to give you hearts it's incredibly interactive. Due to the way periscope is set up it means you can actively engage with your viewers and start to build relationships very quickly. When people feel they know you, like you and trust you they are more likely to buy into you. In the words of Periscope user Chris Ducker: It's like social media on steroids. Building a an engaged audience happens much more quickly and instantly than i've seen on any other social media platform.

It's personal 

Social media gives businesses and personal brands the opportunity to be authentic and 'real'. And Periscope makes people feel like they know you much faster than on any other social network. When a viewer shares your broadcasts they are advocating or endorsing what you are saying. If you do have a business or personal brand this is the perfect way for you to show the human side of your business.

It's easy to reach out

On Periscope it's so simple to reach out to influencers or big names within your industry. Because you can ask questions directly and the broadcaster can respond instantly this makes it very easy to get influencers to notice you. If you show up, comment and support your influencers on Pericope they are sure to remember you and be more open to dialogue with you on Periscope or on other social media platforms.

Using Periscope for business has many benefits beyond these five! Whether it's the incredible networking opportunities or the way it's so easy to set up accounts and get started there are so many ways that Periscope sets itself apart as one o the most powerful new tools in business marketing.

When will you start your first show? 

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