Social Media Printable Weekly Goals Planner and Monthly Planner (Yours FREE)

Being consistent with social media is one of the best ways to grow your followers, reach more customers and make more sales! But It can be hard to keep on Track with your activity, which is why I have got this awesome daily social media tick sheet for you and a weekly goals planner!  

Monthly goalTo use the social media daily tick sheet planner simply add status and post ideas for the next 30 days and each day you complete an update ensure you tick the box! At the end of the month with all boxes ticked you'll feel like something has been accomplished! Not only that but it takes 21 days to form a habit so after 30 days, daily social media posting will be well and truly etched in your daily routine!

Download your daily printable social media tick sheet plus get a free 7 day social media email course (starting on the 10th January 2015) design_1450451729_0 2

To get the most out of your weekly social media action goals planner simply write down your goal for the week on social media, such as: create 10 new conversations or grow following by 100, improve my reach by 100,000, get 3 new meetings via social media and so on! At the end of the week measure your results and see if you hit your goals!

Download your weekly printable social media Goal Planner plus get a free 7 day social media email course (starts on the 10th January 2015 )


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