Top Tips for An Awesome Periscope Broadcast

Live broadcast / Periscope is such a great tool for your personal brand and business and it is even better if you use it right. I have put together a few tips to ensure you give an awesome broadcast on Periscope and make a great impact for yourself and your amazing business. Your Profile

Ensure your profile is completed, include your website link, emojis (not necessary but the make your profile more fun and help you stand out) and keep it relevant to you and your target audience. This was you can refer people to your profile during the broadcast and to the link through to your website, this way they can go and sign up for your list or find out more about you.

Do Not Disturb 

It's so annoying when your phone rings during a periscope broadcast! It stops your broadcast temporarily and the screen gets stuck! If you stick your phone on do not disturb you'll be prepared for an unexpected call!

Catchy and Relevant Titles

Make your Periscope Titles stand out by adding some emojis  (okay you don't have to but emojis do look great and take up way less space than text!) Ensure your title is relevant to the content of your broadcast, if you are talking about your workout then title it like: 'Workout with me'

Short and Sweet

No offence guys but our attention span is less than that of a fish! So keep your broadcasts short. It's not a rule that you have to follow because you can go where your audience takes you. If they are enjoying what you have to say or show, then keep going by all means but don't milk your audience too much because you could end up boring them.

To show your face or not?

The camera shy amongst us may find it hard to do a periscope broadcast face on so you can try doing one showing your work or place you go to have fun, just be sure to talk and explain what's happening. Ensure you speak clearly if you aren't showing your face so people can grasp what you are saying.

If you are doing a face to camera broadcast ensure you be yourself, don't be stiff, enjoy it, ask questions, answer questions and relax, it's live so if you feel anxious your audience may pick up on it. Having said that the fist few scopes everyone does are a bit dodge, embrace that! it's much more fun!

Multi Task 

When you scope be prepared for an influx of questions and hearts, sometimes questions come in whilst you are speaking and you can lose your train of thought and forget the question you just read. Sometimes the questions come in quickly and you can miss a lot, the best thing to do is say you'll answer one at a time and ask them to ask the question again if you missed it. People like the fact that you are human so don't pretend you are superhuman and can do everything.


Be Authentic, Be You!

Show your viewers your world, take them to your fave places as well as work related periscopes because it helps to show your human side, we build relationships with real people at the end of the day. Building real relationships is a great way to open your network and get you more advocates.

Be Interactive 

Ask your followers to take action, to ask questions or to go to your website and get your free download / join your mail list. The more people you are interacting with you are the more chance you have of having a great scope and building those all important relationships.

Repurpose your Scopes 

Periscope broadcasts stay on the app for no longer than 24 hours. You are able to save them to your phone and do what you like with them, such as upload to YouTube and Facebook. You could even embed on your blog and write the content up.

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