Twitter / Hootsuite Bulk Upload Productivity Hack

If you use the Hootsuite Bulk Upload Tool then you need to know about this! - If you are unsure what the bulk upload too is, let me explain: Using Hootsuite you are able to schedule out tweets for certain times and days. One way to save some time is to export out your old tweets onto a CSV file, change the dates and times and import the CSV back in. The problem with this is that there is quite a lot of spreadsheet work to do here (boring - I hear ya!). What you need is a way to randomise the existing tweets as well as creating the dates and times very quickly ready to import straight back in to Hootsuite to be instantly scheduled out and save maybe 3 hours! I've found this little godsend! I was so excited about it in fact I did a whole periscope chat to show people how to do it, which is when I got the request for the write up, and here is that write up.

The tool is called CSV Builder and it's pretty neat: - Very easy to use, self explanatory.

Let me give you a quick rundown on what to do if you are a newbie to scheduling on Twitter from Hootsuite using these tools:

Export out your existing tweets (if you have any)

Click: Publisher,  past scheduled and you'll see a list of old tweets, at the top tick the box and press export to CSV.

Then copy the whole list of tweets (don't include the dates, names etc)

The paste them into the CSV builder tool, choose start date and number of posts per day and press create file.

You'll be taken to a list of your tweets and you can delete some and add images if required. Then simply export the CSV.

Back in Hootsuite under publisher go to bulk message upload. Choose your CSV file just created and press submit and boom! Your tweets are scheduled. This can save you so much time!

Check out my periscope to see the actual tutorial  This may be gone by now so check it on Katch

I hope this helped! let me know