What are the benefits of podcasting for business?

When you think of podcasting for business do you picture this geeky guy sitting in their spare room with an iMac and Mic with ambitions of becoming the next big radio presenter? - This is what I thought when I heard about podcasting for business! But now podcasting for business isn't just geeky tech guys in their spare room or garage, it can now be used as a mainstream marketing and communication tool for small businesses and individuals with the potential to help grow audiences and brand awareness which contribute to revenue growth. Its easy to see why! We have so much less attention from our audiences, there is media everywhere and it's hard to cut through the noise with just articles alone. Technology has made it much easier for you and I to set up a podcast and websites like fiverr mean we can get intro's and production done for $5 making podcasting a cost effective and viable option for small businesses looking to create content. There are also some great iPhone apps available where you can simply create a podcast from start to finish using nothing but your phone or device.

So what is Podcasting?

Simply put Podcasting is where you make radio quality audio shows available for download through an RSS feed to a computer, MP3 player or mobile phone. Listeners only have to subscribe to a podcast just once! After this new content is automatically delivered to them as soon as it becomes available. With computers and portable media devices being everywhere, podcasting is a powerful tool for businesses to extend their brand, improve "customer stickiness" and increase sales and their online visibility.

Did you know?

[Tweet "Small to mid-sized businesses are known for being early adopters of cutting-edge technology"] because they are generally more willing to try new things that can help them gain a competitive advantage.

Why is podcasting for business so good?

[Tweet "Podcasting for business is very inexpensive and is a quick and effective way for businesses and individuals to get their messages in front of new customers all around the world!"]

Because listeners have a vested interest - otherwise they wouldn't subscribe to the show - delivering specific information precisely to target audiences yields a higher return on investment than any direct marketing or advertising campaign.

Instead of sending out monthly newsletters or holding offline training events, podcasting for business is an easy way of  sharing information. Simply create a podcast and your target audience can listen to the information whenever and wherever they want by simply downloading it into their phone or device. Not only does this create a more enjoyable listening experience, it's cost effective and less time consuming than the old traditional methods of content creation.

We are still finding out about the benefits of podcasting for business! It's only a matter of time before businesses leveraging podcasting as a marketing tool become commonplace. Cost effective and easy to implement and greater Return on Investment, podcasting is one of the most effective tools a company can use to communicate with potential customers and grow its business!

When will you get started?

Listen to the audio version here:

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