What is a Twitter Chat? in a Nutshell (Video)

In this video I explain what a Twitter Chat is in 1 minute (1 minute 10!) - I talk about #weddinghour which is a twitter chat I love to get involved in which is the largest. - Okay I said basically have fun at the end! But really it's work that's fun! '-) Being social and making great new connections at the same time is a riot! #weddinghour takes place on Wednesday Evenings at 9pm - to connect to the conversation use this hashtag #weddinghour

I also love to pop in for a chat at #kenthour as this is where I am from! - Did I miss anything?

Last year I wrote about what a Twitter chat is and interviewed the host of both #kenthour and #weddinghour. These are the twitter chats I am involved in most often. And weddinghour is the largest Twitter chat.

You can read the full article here.