What you could use Periscope for?


I have to admit, I used Periscope for the first time tonight and I just LOVED it! What a mind bending and awesome experience.

What is periscope?

It's a live video social network! It's an app  - Find everything out here

Tonight myself and colleague went to a press party at an opening of a new Italian restaurant in a Kentish town called Maidstone so we could review it for an online mag, so I jumped on Periscope, I thought it would be a great idea to show people how the new restaurant looks etc. We got chatting and I interviewed the manager live, it was spontaneous but he loved it and was a big hit! This sort of thing is really useful for the readers, they can see how friendly staff are, how the food was and what the new restaurant look was like.

So it got me thinking, what other things could small businesses use periscope for that helps raise your profile and show what you've got?

So here's my bullet list brain dump - there's no explanation so you must use your imagination to fill in the blanks:


Ask the Expert

Tea Time wit.. (Q&A - Session)

Shop Tour

Office Tour

How to do (anything here)

Caption competition

Challenge (your name here)

Daily show

What is this....

Behind the scenes at

Question of the day

Tip of the day

How to cook a...

How to make the perfect...

Live gig

Live comedy

Fill in the blanks

Thought of the day

Virtual live tour

What's inside?...

How does this work

Why does this work

How to do a...

Whats the difference between a ___ and a  _____

What does a ___ really look like

The list could go on! Have you tired Periscope? What would you add to this list?