What you need to get started online

I have compiled a list of what you need to get you started online! One without the other simply won't work! - Don't worry if anything on this list leaves you with hot flushes! In this blog series I will show you what you need to get started in a step by step format, you can read the information in your own time. 1. Idea / Product

2. Business Plan / Goals

3. Marketing Strategy

4. Website

5. Website Content

6. Blog Content / Content ideas

7. Email capture / List

8. Social Media Accounts

9. Tools & Software / Payment processing

10. Time & Knowledge

Once you have all of these in place you are ready to go! Don't fret, as we go along you will learn how to set up, create and use everything I will show you! Use this as a checklist.

If you prefer to learn via video or speech or using accountability tools, you may want to join Social Media University! Find out more here.  I look forward to helping you discover your online marketing journey!