Why You Need To Create Killer Blog Content (+ How)

In this post I will give you some ideas on why you should create killer blog content! as well as some ideas on how to create Killer blog content! And this is all about content because having a great looking blog is just not good enough. To start growing your email list, your community and get more targeted traffic you need some really great, valuable content.

They Say Content is King....

What is content? Well generally content is writing and generally online writing is blogging. This is the content we are most likely looking for and find when searching on google. We use blog posts to get opinions, facts, reviews and entertainment. So by adding more good quality and targeted content to your website means we'll give people a good incentive to visit the website and to come back to your website or blog.

There are so many more reasons that killer content is important! Take SEO for example - search engines work by matching search terms to content via a website (This is not the only variable used, Google has a complex algorithm). The more killer content you have, the more chance you have of being found in search. Of course, your content must be targeted at the audience you want to reach. It should answer a question, entertain or provide value.  The more targeted your content is the more chance you'll have of being found for relevant search queries.

Content Marketing

Having Killer blog content is crucial to a good content marketing campaign. Content marketing is a form of marketing that revolves around creating great content and in this instance great content via your blog.

The best way to approach content marketing is to update your website regularly with killer content, great articles and valuable information that solves a problem. If you do this you'll start to gain advocates of your work who will read and share your content again and again. They may also subscribe to your mail list and bookmark your page. Content marketing also allows you to show your expertise on a subject, you can answer frequently asked questions, solve a problem or offer true thought leadership on the subject of your choosing. By doing this you'll start to gain respect in your industry, people will seek you out to read your work, recommend you and feel like you aren't selling to them but genuinely offering great advice or assistance. As an off shoot of this you'll gain audience trust meaning that you'll be able to sell more easily when the time arrises.

Killer blog content is an important part of your social media marketing (it goes hand in hand really! Content marketing works best when sharing through social media). When you share great content on social media, people see it, share it and you also gain more followers and more advocates for your brand or personality. -

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The success of your blog really does depend on the content you add to it! So start creating killer blog content today by adding value, answering questions and providing a solution to your target audience.

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