Welcome to CONTENTASTIC! The 5 week coaching course which takes you from content marketing zero to hero in just 5 weeks.

It’s really important that before you do get started that you are willing to commit to the whole programme. Week 4 and 5 are the most intense parts of the course. I would suggest taking at least 2 days of each week here to create and establish your content. If you find you do finish week 1 and 2 quickly you can save time and move onto later weeks sooner, but I recommend doing all of the sections as thoroughly as possible to get the best results from the programme.

We will be looking at the complete content marketing strategy, how to create a sales funnel and how to create the content and how to measure the success of your content. In this course you will get access to many resources as well as a closed community so you can chat with your study buddies!

What's included in CONTENTASTIC?

Week 1 - The Prep

  1. Self Assessment - An honest look at where you are now with your content, have you done the basics yet? What do you need to do before you get started to make sure that you have everything in place? - Self Assessment Questionnaire included and Video Explainer

  2. Goal Setting - Now you know where you need to improve on it’s time to set some bigger goals around your business marketing and some smart goals that will help you nail down how to reach them. - Goal Setting PDF Download Included, Written Examples and Video Explainer

Week 2 - Branding

  1. Customer Persona - In order to start creating a solid content plan and even to start looking at our brand guidelines, we have to know who our customers are. This helps us understand their pain points, behaviours, nuances and more so we can get our content messaging nailed down. - Includes Customer Persona Creator PDF’s, Video Tutorial, Written Examples.

  2. Brand Guidelines - So that we understand the look and feel of our content, voice and type of messaging our brand guidelines will give us a 2 sheeter that we can refer back to throughout the process. This includes our mission (you may already have this and if you don’t please refer to the training guides), Vision and messages. - Includes Brand Guidelines PDF Which goes over Mission, Vision, Brand Values, Brand Story, Personality and Look and Feel Guides. A video Tutorial and Written Examples are included.

Week 3 - Formulating Ideas and Creating a Plan

  1. Content Research - What content can we create that addresses our customers initial research questions? What are our customers pain points? We will formulate ideas here for the content we are going to create, the type of assets we need and why we are going to create them. We will look at relevance of content to the audience and what type of actions we want our community to take. - Includes Links to resources, written examples, video tutorial and full download of the little book of social media ideas for additional inspiration.

    We will look at different content types such as:

    Blog Posts


    Case Studies





    Social Media

  2. Channels - Looking at the channels we will be using to create and share content on. This includes, website, blog, YouTube, guest posting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Quora and so on.

  3. Social Media Funnel - Looking at the content we will create for each aspect of the 3 tier sales funnel 1. Awareness 2. Consideration 3. Purchase - With examples

  4. Content Plan - In this session we are going to put together the plan of action from the content we have established for our customers and our goals or objectives we created earlier in week 1 and 2. You will be given a sheet to plan content for the next 90 days based around content themes such as Education, Entertainment, Promotions, Offers.

Week 4 - Content Asset Creation

  1. Creating Video Content and how to properly optimise for Search -

  2. Creating Images and Gifs -

  3. Creating Blogs and WhitePapers and how to properly optimise for Search -

  4. Podcasting & Audio -

  5. Crafting Written Social Posts -

  6. In the Moment and story Content -

Week 5 - Scheduling planned content across multiple platforms

  1. Tools for scheduling content assets - Free and paid tools, for this exercise we will use ContentCal as a simple and easy to use content planning calendar.

  2. Tools for measuring content and social media success - How to measure the success of your social media content and digital content, with examples and links to resources.

Resources - Downloads, information and activities to aid with the course.

Continued learning Free and paid from approved partners.