Blogging to build your business (30 day challenge review)

Blogging CAN grow your business, it's true. I write this after completing the amazing 30 day blogging challenge with Sarah Arrow (The blogging queen) at Sark EMedia. As an online marketer I know already the benefits of blogging for business but until I embarked on the blogging challenge to create my own content daily for 30 days did I realise exactly how powerful blogging is. If I am honest I didn't complete 30 posts in 30 days! It took me more like 90 days! But having said that it's been immense for me. Not only have I grown my blog traffic, gained business enquiries but I've also been published in various business magazines and website. If that's not enough, i've learned so much too.

The truth is it was so good for me I am going in for a second round. The great thing about taking a blogging challenge is that it get's you writing and get's you into a routine. If you thought you couldn't come up with 30 posts in 30 days let alone 30 posts in a year you are very very wrong! Under Sarah's expert guidance you will do it!

How does it work? - Sign up here (it's free)

Each day you'll get an email with more expert marketing and blogging advice from Sarah Arrow. You are also invited to become a member of the 30 day blogging challenge facebook group. Once inside, each day you post your blogs you have written and if you'd like to, encourage and comment on others blogs. The community is awesome too!

So there it is! My short and sweet review of the blogging challenge - which you can join here  - When I say it changed my business life - I meant it! - At the end of the day we all have something to say, here's your chance to release that information in a supportive and collaborate environment.