Lucy has a detailed knowledge of, and clear passion for, social media. The workshop she ran for us was full of practical tips that have improved the interaction generated by our social media output. She is up to date with the latest platforms and trends; I think her expertise would benefit any business looking to start or improve their social media activity.

— Sarah - AON Hewitt

Lucy was on our PONY Express panel discussion this week on ‘Build your Speaker Profile by Making a Splash in Social Media’. Lucy is incredible - I knew she would know her ‘stuff’ BUT she literally blew us away and the audience LOVED her. If you are looking for a speaker or Social Media consultant - it’s LUCY all the way. No one else would even come close!
— Annik Petrou - PONY Express

“Lucy is professional on every level. I got super fast results for my business. Lucy has designed a number of sites for me and linked these all to the social networking sites. She has improved the professional look of my company and the artists that I represent. She has improved my online content considerably. Lucy Hall is a great person to work with in every aspect. She can turn an idea in to a fully working project”

— Georgina Thomas - Muzivo

“I was recommended to Lucy and her skills by a mutual friend. I didn’t know what to expect. The reality was that she was full of enthusiasm for my company and how I could change the on-line presence. She was full of ideas and willing to help in any way that she could. as a relative ‘on-line eejut’ she held my hand (metaphorically) through the various processes and things are much better than they were. Now we’re working on how to make things even better. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their on-line presence” –
— Stuart Attwood - Total Contact Saddles

I was delighted to be invited to speak at the Birmingham Social Day event, organised by Lucy and her team, in Sept. this year.
I wanted to let the world know what an amazing event it was (I’m over the moon to have been invited back to speak at the next event) and how well-organised it was too, with no detail too small to be overlooked.
Lucy put together an amazing agenda full of presentations sharing real, tangible ‘how-tos’ for businesses wanting to make their social media marketing as effective as possible. (Some events focus on fluffy, philosophical stuff that isn’t relevant to small businesses needing results.) I learnt an amazing amount from the other speakers and was inspired by the energy in the room!
The atmosphere was amazing - everyone was madly supportive of each other - audience and speakers alike - Lucy really has created a wonderful community here.
If you get the chance to be involved in one of Lucy’s events - either as a speaker or an attendee - then go for it - without hesitation - it will inspire, motivate and educate you and you’ll make some brilliant contacts too.
I’m so pleased to have met Lucy - she’s smart, dynamic and focused, but a really lovely and caring lady too!
— Julia Bramble - Bramble Buzz

“Without Lucy our business would not be where it is today. She has kept us ‘ahead of the game’ in a very competitive market place. We are growing rapidly month on month and much of this is because of Lucy’s advice and hard work. We can’t thank her enough and wholeheartedly recommend her to any business whether internet based like our or just to promote your business to a wider market.”
— Lisa and Wendy - Vintage Vibe Ltd

I spoke at Lucy’s Social Day event in May 2016 and, as an event organiser, Lucy Hall is a brilliant leader - clearly communicating and effectively staying on top of things. Everything ran on time, I was briefed properly and additionally invited to join a group of fantastic social media rockstars after the event too.

Additionally, we share a passion for social media too. So, I would definitely recommend you connect with Lucy and also check out her events.
— Vee Roberts - I2marketing

Lucy Hall is one of the most passionate individuals when it comes to Social Media. She is enthusiastic about her clients. She is knowledgable and always takes a unique approach to every person. Her Social Day conference is one of the most amazing events you could ever attend. Lucy tends to attract very sharp and innovative businesses so naturally she is always ahead of the curve. You will be lucky to work with her.
— Katya Varbonova - Collaborative Forward Consulting