Press & Media Appearances

Lucy is a regular speaker on all things Social Media Marketing, Digital and Content Planning and has appeared on Sky TV, Many Radio Shows, Magazines, online articles and Podcasts. She is a contributor for The Huffington Post, Business2Community, Social Media Examiner, Steer Your Business and SocialDay. Here are a few of her recent contributions to the media: 


Social Media Examiner

In this article Lucy demonstrates how you host a facebook watch party in your group. 

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In this podcast, Lucy Answers 12 questions about Social Media. 

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WIB Radio

Lucy Talks AI, Social Media and Tech as a guest on the Women in Business Radio Show. 


Talented Ladies Club

TLC interviews Lucy on What are the biggest mistakes you see businesses make on social media?

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Social Media Talks

Lucy and Alan discuss Social Media Content Creation tools. 


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Women in Business Radio

Social Media Pick and Mix, Lucy is interviewed by Sian Murphy Host of WIBRadio.


Janet Murray

Janet Interviews Lucy on her award winning business podcast about how to grow your business through live events. 




Digital Training Institute

JSB Interviews Lucy about embracing Social Media without fear.



Vivviene Neale

Social Influencers: Inspiring Female Thought Leaders worth following.